Download PTE Patch 2017 2.0 Single Link Mediafire


– 1. Bundesliga fully licensed (Squads, kits, managers, lineups and tactics)
– 1. Bundesliga players information – All stats are converted from FIFA 17, except the players that featured in PES 16 (although we updated some of them).Accessories and boots updated for all players, all faces edited in-game and some real faces models added. Physical attributes edited (arms length, chest measurement, etc) for all players too, to give a more detailed look, this way, they dont look all the same. We have edited some players celebrations and movements(like free kick) too, more players too be updated in next versions of the patch in this area.
– 1. Budesliga kits information – Includes 3rd kits, combinations, euro versions and real fonts and numbers
– Updated kits for Hull City, Porto, Barcelona, Celta de Vigo, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, Juventus, Milan, Sassuolo, Bayern Munchen, Schalke, Monchengladbach, Colombia
– Fixed fake players names in Brasileirão
– Added/updated adboards
– Added the aerial view for Camp Nou
– Updated managers for all leagues on the game based on the KONAMI Live Update
– Latest KONAMI Live Update implemented
– Compatible online (Don’t forget to apply the Online Mode in the selector)




Download DpFileList Generator v1.8 PES 2017



– Generate automatically DpFileList.bin with maximum of 32 CPKs
– Select needed cpk-files
– Sort selected cpk-Files (if needed) via Drag&Drop
– Read already existing DpFileList.bin
– [NEW] Updated GUI; window resizing is now possible


1) Choose your “download”-folder (or any folder that contains .cpk-files)
Optional: 1.1) select already existing DpFileList.bin to preselect already used CPKs
2) Select cpk-files which should be in the DpFileList.bin
3) Sort the selected cpk-files (if needed) via drag and drop
4) Generate DpFileList.bin (your current DpFileList.bin will be backed up (DpFileList.bin.BACKUP))


You need at least Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 to run this tool.






Download DpFileList Generator v1.6 PES 2017



Cara Pemakaian  :

  1. Download dan ekstrak DpFileListGenerator v1.6 by Baris
  2. Run As Admnistrator DpFileListGenerator v1.6 by Baris.exe
  3. Pilih DLC v1.0, pilih CPK yang akan digunakan, lalu pilih generate
  4. Copy Cpk & DpFileList.bin di C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\download

* Tes sudah dilakukan di windows 7 64 bit





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Mengatasi dpfilelist generator has stopped working

dpfilelist generator has stopped working ??

Apa penyebab dan bagaimana cara mengatasinya ?


Penyebab dpfilelist generator has stopped working biasanya karena komputer atau laptop teman-teman belum terinstal Net Framework, cara mengatasinya instal Net Framework 4.5 dibawah ini :

*Sebelum Download link di bawah, sebaiknya cek dulu versi netframework yang ada di komputer kalian, bagaimana cara cek nya ?, klik disini untuk cara mengetahui versi netframework yang ada di komputer



  • Setelah di download dan di instal, restart komputer
  • lalu run as administrator dpfilelist generator.


* Tes di windows 7 64bit

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Mengatasi error gps signal not found atau failed to detect location Pokemon GO

Error gps signal not found atau failed to detect location Pokemon GO ?

Cara mengatasinya ?

  1. Buka game Pokemon Go
  2. Pastikan GPS aktif
  3. Masuk ke Settings – > Developer Options



4. Hilangkan ceklis di Allow mock locations



5. Matikan GPS beberapa saat lalu aktifkan kembali GPS


Catatan :

  • GPS Smartphone Asus bisa dibilang kurang stabil untuk game ini, jadi jangan heran jika GPS teman-teman sering putus 😀
  • Dari percobaan yang sudah dilakukan, GPS stabil apabila dipakai di luar ruangan


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Download Pokemon Go Untuk Processor Intel

Mau Download Pokemon Go Untuk Processor Intel ?, mau download game pokemon go yang support processor intel ?.






*Muncul error gps signal not found atau failed to detect location ?


Download DpFileList Generator v1.6 DLC 4.0 PES 2016

dpfilelist generator v1.6* Dplist Generator v1.6 need NET.FRAMEWORK 4.5





*Klik disini untuk cara mengatasi dpfilelist generator has stopped working